Welcome to Gouache Pants, a gallery of art.

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multicolored jellyfish swimming


Jellyfish: delightful and relaxing to watch on TV, stressful and surprisingly fast-moving in real life.

painting of whales


I did this as a companion to another whales painting to show the differences between a supposed “fancy” watercolor and super basic Crayola watercolors. These are the fancy watercolors.

painting of flamingos


I worked on a project at work which got dubbed “Project Flamingo” and I painted this for my dear coworker who suffered alongside me.

painting of dinosaurs


Thank you to the random internet artistic renderings of dinos which inspired this piece.

Shedd Penguins

Aquarium penguins seem to live their best lives every single day.

painting of whales


The Crayola companion to the other whales painting.

painting of a penguin

Shedd Penguin

One of the delightful penguins at the Shedd Aquarium. 

shark painting

4 Sharks

Tiger shark, reef shark, white shark, and hammerhead shark. Not in any way scaled properly. Whee art is fun.

painting of sharks

2 Sharks

I’m not sure what I was thinking with this whale shark but it probably had something to do with masking fluid.